Air Source & Ground Source Heat Pumps

Norfolk Renewable Maintenance have a wealth of knowledge on heat pumps including Mitsubishi, Dimplex and Grant.

Air source and ground source heat pumps take heat from the surrounding air or ground and, through compression of refrigerant gasses, turn this heat into higher-temperature, usable heat. Heat pumps usually work more efficiently with low flow temperatures i.e. underfloor heating, but they can also be suitable for some radiator systems.

Heat pumps do not work in the same way as conventional boilers, so usually they require specialist installers to diagnose issues with them.

Norfolk Renewable Maintenance have experienced installers with a wealth of knowledge on heat pumps, and who have attended several manufacturers’ installation and servicing courses including Mitsubishi, Dimplex and Grant.

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    Why Switch to renewable heating?

  • You can reduce your heating bills.
  • You can get paid to switch, through the Renewable Heat Incentive.
  • Worry free heating - on when you need it.
  • Lond lasting and low maintenance.
  • Future proof your bills.

What renewable heating options are there?

We supply two types of renewable heating options: ground or air source heat pumps. Both work by taking energy from the ground or around you and process this through the heat pump to provide hot water for your radiators or underfloor heating and, of course, your hot water taps.

For ground source heating a collect loop is installed underground in your garden. For air source heating a discreet heat pump is installed outside of the house, usually at the side or have you home.

Every installation is different so talk to us about your requirements and we will design a heat pump system which will work best for your home and lifestyle, and which will save you the most money.

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Heat Pump Repairs, Installations & Servicing

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